Euro I

About the Eurograde System   We supply a range of Eurograde safes from grade 0 to grade 3. A short summary explanation how the Euro Grading systems works should help you determine which safe to buy for your personal use or for your ...

Euro 2

How the Eurograde System Works The EN1143 Eurograde system applies the level of the numbers zero to six and each safe is assigned a certain cash rating. The cash rating system is used to indicate to the customer the ability of the ...

Euro 3

The zero to six Eurograde rating system is applied to safes that are designed to be theft and burglary resistant. The grade that is assigned to each safe indicates the amount of cash it was designed to protect. These safes have ...


The advantages of safes and vaults bought from Van den Hoven:

  • The certainty of a certified specialist.
  • You buy directly from the producer (no brokering).
  • All products are delivered with EN quality certificate or UL certificate.
  • Excellent customer post and after sales service.
  • We focus on dignity, quality and transparancy.
  • We are able to customize your safe according to European and U.S.A quality standards.
  • We are continuously working on product improvement as well as our customers' satisfaction.
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